Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms & Conditions if you want to rent a motorbike at TRAVERENT BANDUNG.

  • Everyday
    08.00 AM – 09.00 PM
  • Reservation
    08.00 AM – 10.00 PM

Tenants are required to submit a minimum of 2 Guarantee IDs, namely :

  • E-ktp (required)
  • Other ID (SIM A | TIN | KIS | PASSPORT | Personal STNK) – choose one

Both IDs must be ORIGINAL ID, not a photocopy.

The guarantee ID is an ID that we will hold during the rental and return it after completion.

For you who are International Tourist please prepare the original and also the copy of your passport

All data will be verified by the verification team & WA admin (Incoming data will be guaranteed security).

If the verification team finds 1-2 odd things, then Traverent Bandung has the right to refuse the reservation for security reasons.

  • Minimum age 17 years.
  • Must have SIM C / valid driving license that is still valid. Otherwise, all risk is borne by the tenant.
    • Have an eKTP or Passport for foreigners. And other supporting ID.
  • Submit 2 Guarantee IDs in the form of E-Ktp + other Identity (Please see the WARRANTY ID section).
  • Motorbike renters are required to maintain and use their motorbikes in the best possible way in accordance with traffic regulations and laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  • During the motorbike rental period, all matters relating to the use of motorbikes are the personal responsibility of the tenant.
  • TRAVERENT BANDUNG is not responsible for the misuse of the vehicle during the rental period.
  • If there is damage or loss to the motorbike unit or equipment being rented, the tenant (or the tenant’s family) must replace it according to the amount of the loss caused.
  • If there is a sudden return of the unit before the rental period ends, there will be no refund / money back. We apply a no refund system, therefore, please pay attention to all transactions so that there are no disputes in the future.
  • In case of schedule changes, rental additions and automatic pick-up location changes, TRAVERENT BANDUNG reserves the right to accept or reject it to refuse traffic.
  • By signing the rental form, the user is deemed to have understood and must comply with all forms of regulations that apply at TRAVERENT BANDUNG.
  • It is not permitted to transfer the motor unit and or all completeness of the facilities or vehicle documents to third parties in any form. If that is done, legal action will be taken by TRAVERENT BANDUNG